Instructions to Maintain Your Water Treatment Units

Manage Your Water Treatment Systems

Atlantic Filter Of Polk County has been providing superior-quality water treatment system services for over 30 years. In order to effectively take care of your water treatment unit, read through our instructions listed below. Treating your water treatment systems with care can prolong its life and avoid costly repairs. If you need help with maintaining your systems, feel free to give us a call.

Standard Maintenance for a Autotrol and 5600 Greensand Water Treatment Unit

Manganese greensand iron and sulfur filtration unit requires minimum maintenance. This unit oxidizes iron and sulfur into a solid and then traps it into the mineral bed. The bed is automatically backwashed and then regenerated with potassium permanganate (the purple stuff).

Potassium must be added to the small container on a regular basis. Enough potassium must be in the container to provide 2 - 4 ounces per regeneration. The container can hold as much as 15 pounds. Yet, it is advisable to add only 3 to 5 pounds at a time.

The potassium container should be cleaned yearly. While cleaning, let the potassium almost run out then lift the cotton pad off the grid and spray with water until clean. Disconnect the tube from the valve in the potassium container and remove the safety float valve. Place both the pad and the safety float valve in water containing (iron out) and let it sit for 1 hour then put them back in the cleaned container. Re-hook the tube and add water to the bottom of the pad then put it in new potassium.

In addition to cleaning the potassium container, the injector and the screen in the valve must be cleaned regularly as well. To do this, refer to your valve manual. Remove the injector and screen after depressurizing, clean with (iron out) and replace. Please check the injector o’ring walls, and if broken then replace the injector. When replacing the injector cap and screen cap, remember not to tighten them too much.

NOTE: Chlorine should not be used with potassium permanganate or the treated water. Substitutions of peroxide-based bleaches are recommended or addition of a water softener treatment unit.
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