Enjoy Clean and Safe Water

Comprehensive Water Treatment Solutions

No matter what equipment you need, we have a payment plan that will allow you to have the best water possible and stay within your budget. 

• We conduct a free water analysis to determine the best equipment for your water
• We will give you a written proposal to decide what works best for you
• You pick the payment plan that best fits into your budget
• Once you’ve decided, we will install the equipment as stated on the proposal
• You have a guarantee that the equipment will work the way we have stated

Rent a Quality Water Treatment Unit

Enroll in our rental program today and get a new water treatment unit. We ask for the 1st and last month’s rent and an installation fee. The purchase price is the same if you buy outright or rent. 

The first six months of rent and the amount for the installation will be reduced from the purchase price if you decide to buy the equipment. You will never lose this equity build-up if you decide not to purchase at the sixth month. No additional payment will go towards the purchase of the unit. 

Drinking water
Payment options available! Call Atlantic Filter Of Polk County to learn more.
We accept all major credit cards
Cash and checks
Rental Program
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